About Us

For any questions please visit our Discord.

Our Mission

Welcome to The Potato Fields, where every nade is a potato, and ever squad has a rally. We pride ourselves on promoting teamwork and communication, while also allowing for new players to learn and succeed in Squad.

Join our discord for an up-to-date map rotation, where we have a good mix of large and small fan-favorite maps, and a variety of game modes to keep it interesting. Our Discord also has all of our up-to-date rules, role selection, and is a great place to interact witht he admins and other potatoes.

Let's make the Squad world a better place, one potato at a time.

What we've achieved
  • Became one of the Top 5 Squad servers in 2 short months.
  • Created a fun, engaging atmosphere for players of all levels.
  • Built a team of dedicated, engaged, active and available mods and admins.
  • Built a core following of frequent players.
  • Created a rotation of favorited maps and layers.
  • Built a server based on fair-play without allowing a toxic atmosphere.
Get Whitelisted

Through our Patreon page, you can "skip the lines" and become whitelisted. That means that when the server is full, and a queue forms, you're at the head of the pack. We offer 4 Patreon levels:

    Potato Whitelist - $3/mo
  • Skip the queue! Get to the head of the line with a server whitelist.
  • Included Discord role.
  • Help support the server, the group and your fellow Potatoes!
    Potato Farmer - $5/mo
  • A bit more financial support to help with giveaways, swag and more.
  • Special role and private channel on our Discord.
  • Skip the queue with a server whitelist.
    Potato Council - $10/mo
  • Buy your way onto the Potato Council -- vote for server or community changes!
  • An even MORE special role and channel on our Discord.
  • All the benefits of the other levels.
    The Golden Potato Nade - $20/mo
  • Show off your support for The Potato Fields.
  • Earn the undying gratitude of the Mods and Admins.
  • All the benefits of the other levels.

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