We started this server together...

It was an offhand comment on Discord at some point: "Hey, we should start our own server." That comment got us to where we are: one of the most popular Squad servers around.

In less than a month, we were one of the Top Ten servers according to Battlemetrics. Through solid play, fair moderation, tireless administration and the sheer desire to build our Community, we're consistently one of the top Squad servers.

Fair Play

Squad is a game about teamwork. We play together AS A TEAM, and enforce our Server Rules accordingly.

Tracked Challenger
Learning Friendly

We all started as Blueberries -- TPF is committed to helping new players learn how to play.

CAF Sniper
Fan Favorite Maps

Our map rotation changes weekly, and we pride ourselves on providing the most popular maps and layers.

The TPF server is powered by Reliablesite. The website is provided by ParksideTech IT Solutions

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